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  • One Sided Wall Mount

    • $200.00 for a fish up to 12 inches.

      • Add $15.00 per inch after the first 12 inches.​

  • Two Sided Table Mount

    • $300.00 for a fish up to 12 inches.

      • Add $20.00 per inch after the first 12 inches​.

Replicas are

  • $22.00 per inch for one finished side, such as a wall mount.

  • $35.00 Per inch for two finished sides, such as a table base.

The price of fish mounts includes a piece of driftwood.  Custom habitat bases can be made for your mount if you desire.  However, the price will increase depending on the detail you are wanting.

Fish that we skin mount include bass, bluegill, crappie, walleye, etc.  If you need a trout, salmon, catfish, or other oily fish mounted, we will use a replica for those fish.  We also can do catch and release replicas.  We would need the length, the girth, and the type of fish.  You can call us for replica pricing or if you have a fish you are unsure about.  We are here to answer questions.

Not all fish are marked or colored the same.  Good quality pictures of your fish will help us when we paint the details.

After the catch, be sure to put the fish for the freezer if you are delayed bringing it to the taxidermist.  Wrap the fish in a wet cloth.  Old t-shirts work well for this.  Then place it in a plastic bag making sure to get as much air out of the bag as possible.  Keep a record of the day and place it was caught.  Be sure to bring your fishing license.  We look forward to seeing your catch this year!



(Prices are effective October 1, 2022 and are subject to change at any time.)

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