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Proper field care is essential for a quality mount.  How you treat your bird could drastically affect the outcome.  The bird you choose should be mature and in full plumage with few pinfeathers, have a good color, and have as little damage as possible.  Broken bones or excessive shot holes will result in extra work and can affect the final look of the mount.

We know the excitement of shooting a trophy, but keep in mind that every bird you shoot may not make a good mount.

Once you decide on a bird you want mounted:

  • Wipe off any visible blood or moisture and let the bird cool down.

  • Wrap the feet and bill in a moist paper towel.

  • Tuck the head under a wing.

  • Place the bird in a plastic bag and get as much air out as possible.  Double-bagging will help with preservation.  If the tail feathers of a pheasant do not fit in the bag, let them stick out, then loosely tie the bag.

  • Freeze or take out the bird to the taxidermist as soon as possible.  If the bird is frozen when we receive it, we will not be able to assess its condition until it is thawed.

Things to avoid:

  • Do not gut or dress the bird.

  • Do not wrap the bird in newspaper.  It will dehydrate the skin and promote freezer burn making a quality mount harder to achieve.

  • Do not wrap the bird in nylon stockings.  As blood seeps into the material and dries, the feathers may pull out of the bird.

Good luck with all of your hunting endeavors!

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